The OLD HARBOUR ART TRAIL in Jakobstad / Pietarsaari 2023 brings together 9 prominent, international artists. Their outdoor works will be displayed in a subtle dialoge with the surrounding environment and its unique ecosystem. The Old Harbour area is the perfect location for an Art Trail. The area is nowadays handled as a nature park, and it is a popular spot for recreation.

The Old Harbour Art Trail is curated by Rita Leppiniemi, and produced by OUR AIR.
The main collaboration partner is City of Jakobstad.


Huldra is a Spirit of the Forest, who protects the forest and its animals. She has a nesting place for small birds in her chest by her heart. If you cut down a tree or otherwise damage the forest, Huldra will get angry and you will be harmed. But if you speak to the forest with courtesy and respect, Huldra will reward you and open your eyes to the beauty of the forest and your ears to the birdsong. Your soul will be at peace. More information.

The first walkers often must navigate a terrain less accommodating or more difficult than the walkers that follow. The Pathfinder may well go unnoticed and unremembered but ensures the next walkers journey is more freely and leisurely. Holmström’s work The Pathmaker, at the Old Harbour Art Trail, is a crawling figure that moves discreetly and low to the ground. With arms extended the long figure pushes forward as a snake across the earth, simultaneously creating a path amongst the forest debris. More information.

In Taiwan, lanterns hold significance not only in temples and places of worship but also in traditional festivals. Consequently, as Chia-Hui Luo immersed herself in the exuberance and delight of the Finnish summer, witnessing the joyous participation in a myriad of activities and sports, she started making lanterns in different blue colours at the entrance of the Old Harbour area. By employing tree branches collected from the local forests, she made an artwork celebrating Summer and the bright nights, called Weaving Summer Light. More information.

Hukkataival is always using almost exclusively recycled objects and found materials. These items have their own history, and their usage, tells a story of life where change is visible, inevitable and natural. The experience of time can become a visible part in her work and its possible interpretation. The title of her work at the Old Harbour is Signs for Forest, Land, Wind and Water. More information.

A giant suspended red X structure disrupts the historic Kittholmen ropeway cut through the native forests during the height of its shipbuilding heritage in the 19th century. The red X is used as an emblem of protection often associated with tree harvesting markers. Its strategic placement aims to evoke a sense of unease and spark contemplation. This poignant site-responsive intervention acknowledges the indispensable role our forests’ serve in maintaining ecological equilibrium amidst the mounting threats from human action and climate change. Finland, the land of never ending forests and the most forested country in Europe offers an ideal setting for this work urging society to embrace responsible stewardship for our precious forests. More information.

The Flying Grass Islands belong to a series of site specific installations in the public space by Thomas May’s GrashalmInstitute, that research the relationship between Grass and Human being. As a place of longing for Nature the Flying Grass Islands invites to a contemplatively observation from the shore of a small pond. Initially the islands are made with perfect lawns that over time become overgrown by the colonization of surrounding plants. The human idea of perfect nature slowly fades away as an untouched biotope emerges. This slow process of change can be observed from the pond shore at the Old harbour in Pietarsaari. More information.

The Mongolian nomads are one of the oldest nomadic people in the world and their traditions and way of life have survived for many thousands of years. Unfortunately, many nomads are forced to abandon life on the steppes for a variety of reasons, but mainly due to climate change. The main aim of Namsraijav’s project is therefore to preserve and maintain the Mongolian nomadic traditions and to introduce and spread it to the world. More information.

Food has always been a way for Ritschel to perceive culture and cultural identity. Shaping, changing and explaining food in an artistic way is the objective in many of her Eat Art Projects and Performances. The series of Eat Art photos called Finland Wild Food shows three menus: the Finnish Wild Food Menu, the Perch Menu and the Sweet Menu, each has three courses. More information.

Hidden Pictures is a series of photographs that shows hiding places. The images are special places in the forest of the Old Harbour in Jakobstad / Pietarsaari. The series is also a “what if…?” Because for many, the forest is a fairytale place. A place where you can easily imagine fairy tales and legends. Something is there and not there at the same time, a daydream, or a meeting with a mythical being. Was there something in the bushes? A movement? A sound? The photos — available on the Internet — also offer a view of these special places captured in summer and thus invite you to compare the rapidly changing nature. More information.


Österbottens Tidning December 31 2023
Torggata blad nr3, Autumn2023
Österbottens Tidning August 17th 2023
Österbottens Tidning July 19th 2023
Österbottens Tidning July 4th 2023
Österbottens Tidning June 9th 2023
Pietarsaaren Sanomat June 14th 2023


MONDAY, 12.6.2023

17:00 Artist Talk with Helinä Hukkataival and Ute Ritschel at the city Library Jakobstad, Runebergsgatan
18:30 Performance by Helinä Hukkataival and presentation of the art works, Old Harbour

FRIDAY, 7.7.2023
16:00 Artist Talk with Chia-Hui Luo and Amarsaikhan Namsraijav at the city Library Jakobstad
17:30 Presentation of the art works by Chia-Hui Luo and Amarsaikhan Namsraijav, Old Harbour

FRIDAY, 18.8.2023
16:00 Artist Talk with Veikko Björk, Anneli Holmström, Sally Kidall, Thomas May and Pirko Julia Schröder
at the city Library Jakobstad
17:10 Presentation of the art works by Veikko Björk, Sally Kidall,
Thomas May and Pirko Julia Schröder, Old Harbour
From 18:00 Opening party, at FBK’s Festivity area, Old Harbour

SATURDAY, 2.9.2023
14:00 and 17:00 Guided tours at the Art Trail, by Marja-Leena Hyytinen and Rita Leppiniemi

SUNDAY 3.9.2023
15:00 Guided tours at the Art Trail, by Marja-Leena Hyytinen and Rita Leppiniemi


Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike), Central Ostrobothnia Regional Fund,
Otto Malms donationsfond, Konstsamfundet and Svenska Kulturfonden

Forsbergs tryckeri, Jakobstads Byggnadstjänst, Oravais Turf, Prima Laminointi, Cramo Konevuokraamo Pietarsaari