Each day is divided into two sessions

1. During warming up, we explore the concepts of space, shapes in space, time and musicality, through the study of different choreographic exercises. The exercise gives the participants a good body awareness, and an excellent preparation for the act of dancing.

Moving from the ground to a standing position, each participant will be able to build their body in order to discover, feel, initiate, coordinate and to redefine their body in its relationship to the physical world as well as to the mental world, and better to understand challenges in dance and to get into the movement.

2. We will build together choreographic sequences in connection with the artistic university of the dance company Le Sixièmétage. We will observe the relationshop with music and sound, the relationship round the idea of the visual identity on the scene, the relationship with voice, with text, with poetry. We will approach the identity of different character’s in a choreographic scene with different exercises.

Time: May 16-20, 2022, everyday at 5-8 pm
Place: Pietarsaaren Urheilutalo / Jakobstads Idrottsgård
Costs: 50 euro

Requires basic knowledge in contemporary dance.

The workshop is in English.



The workshop is conducted by
JEFF BIZIEAU a visual artist, dance performer, choreographer and dance teacher

After studying visual arts at Paris VIII University, and contemporary dance at Ballets Contemporains of Saint-Etienne in France, Jeff Bizieau  have had an international career with various contemporary Dance Companies in France, and with his own company Le Sixièmétage. He have been touring in Europe, South America, Africa, India, China and Australia.

For 17 years he was a notably dancer and assistant director at the System Castafiore Company. He has also danced in many production in France with the Opéra de Paris Bastille, Opéra de Nantes, Opéra Saint-Etienne, Opéra de Nancy and Opera Monte Carlo.

Jeff Bizieau is the co-founder of the multi-arts dance company Le Sixièmétage, together with actor director Pascal Renault. Together with his company he creates physical theatre that combines dance, theatre, music, poetry, mime and visual arts.

Parallel with his work as a dancer, he teaches contemporary dance at University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, Off Jazz Dance School in Nice and International Dance School PNSD Rosella Hightower in Cannes.

Jeff Bizieau holds the French State Diploma of Contemporary Dance Teacher.


The Dance Workshop BODY-LANDSCAPES offers a fantastic opportunity to learn more about contemporary dance, self-expression and story- telling. The workshop consists of choreographic exercises improvisations and personal composition accompanied by the choreographer in connection with the dance theater Le Sixièmétage’s artistic universe.

“Earth Shards” is a choreographic study, which shows six different symbolic landscapes. To give life to a gallery of characters – half human and half spirits – natural materials such as soil, clay, grass, bark, charcoal, stone and paper are used. A metamorphosis is taken place. The strong scenic and costume design, with expressive lighting and sound design creates a vibrating stage atmosphere. The scenography and costumes are like extension of the performers body, creating a second skin layer.

More information about the Earth Shards, at Schaumanhall, May 24th, 2022.