Residency artists can conclude her/his stay at the artist residency with a presentation,
such as a site-specific exhibition or a performance, of the project realized during her/his stay.



Pietarsaaren Sanomat July 20th 2022
Österbottens Tidning August 6th 2022

Visual artist, MARI MATHLIN, Finland/Iceland

Mari Mathlin Mari Mathlin
In 2002, Mari Mathlin came to study at Swedish Polytechnics in Nykarleby. Even though she did not know Swedish language at that time. 4 years later she received a Bachelor of Culture and Arts degree in Fine Arts. Since then she has lived eleven years in Iceland, studying and working there.

In 2022 she applied for a residency at OUR AIR, and thereby got the opportunity to visit Nykarleby again. Her exhibition is called JÄR – HÄR – TÄÄLLÄ – HERE, and can be experienced at Gallery Rådhuset in Nykarleby, from August 15th until September the 10th, 2022.


Visual artist, INGRID SOLESVIK, Norway

Ingrid Solesvik is a visual artist from Stavanger, Norway. At present she is in Finland for the first time. One of her objectives when coming to Finland to take part in the Artist-in-residence OUR AIR, was to gain insight into what is happening in contemporary Nordic art today.

– she wishes to see a country new to her, with it’s landscape and cities, and to learn about it’s history and people and to meet other artists present at the Artist-in-Residency. Ingrid wishes to gather new impressions with an open mind, with the view to process these further when back home. The journey is regarded as a basis for new ideas and the sketchbook is her diary to be filled with notes, drawings and paintings.


Visual artist, ELISABET ALSOS STRAND, Norway

Elisabet Alsos Strand, from Norway, explores the universe of paper and printmaking in the form of paper making, woodblock prints and artists’ books. During her stay at OUR AIR she wants to investigate the possibilities working with wood pulp, thanks to a generous contribution from cellulose factory UPM Jakobstad / Pietarsaari.

In the garden at OUR AIR, she found an old barn. The timber logs were imprinted by time, weather and insects’ life. By covering the timber logs with sheets of paper, she could transfer the shape and texture of the old barn onto the paper. The wood became paper, and paper became wood. The circle was unbroken.


Installation artist and painter CHIA-HUI LUO, and YI TING HO, Taiwan – cancelled due to Covid pandemic


MAY 2022

Multiarts Dance Company CIE LE SIXIÈMÉTAGE from France

La Strada, Body Art June 2022
Österbottens Tidning May 13th 2022
Radio Vega, Österbotten May 20th 2022
Institut Français Finlande May 5th 2022

Cie Le Sixièmétage’s Eclats Terrestres, a powerful choreographic performance that combines
dance, theatre, music, poetry, mime and visual arts.
Schaumanhall / Jakobstad, May 22nd, 2022.


Due to coronavirus pandemic we have not invited new artists